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Picture a beautiful, sunny, Florida summer morning. I was standing in the kitchen when my son, Vincent, asked me if he could go to summer camp with his cousins. I looked into his big, brown eyes, and I told him a lie. I told him the summer camp his cousins attended was filled up, and no more kids could go. The truth is he couldn't go because Vincent has autism. The traditional summer camp is not equipped to meet the needs of children with autism. It was then that the idea of Vincent's Clubhouse came about.

Vincent's Clubhouse, a nonprofit orginization, was founded with a mission to establish summer camps that are engaging, fun, safe, and educational for children with autism, and other sensory disorders. With a lot of hard work, dedication, and love, in June 2017, we hosted our first Vincent's Clubhouse Summer Camp. It was a wonderful success! We were able to provide children who would not  have otherwise been able to attend a summer campwith an experience of a lifetime.

Vincent's Clubhouse is a nonprofit organization that started with the mission to provide a summer camp to children with autism and other special needs. Since our first camp in 2017, we have expanded our services to offer inclusive and engaging social events, support groups, and advocacy programs. Currently we are working to raise enough money so we can have our own building to allow us to serve even more children and young adults with special needs in our community.

We envision Vincent's Clubhuse being so much more. Such  as providing resources, love, and support groups to families that wouldn't otherwise have any outside support. As well as hositng other activities year round for these amazing chidldren, and their families to make a lifetime of memories in a fun, safe enviroment.

Erica Flores
President and Founder

Dr. Timothy King
Vice President

Hector Flores
Board Member

Bill Bianco
Camp Director

Yvonne Bianco
Fund Development Coordinator
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