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Our Mission

Vincent’s Clubhouse is dedicated to providing engaging, safe, educational, fun and inclusive social opportunities for children with autism, their families and their peers, so that all children always have a place of their own.

It’s fundraising time!

It’s also happens to be our favorite time of the year. With all the amazing smells, the excitement of shopping for that perfect little something, and giving back to the community. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! 

With so much to do during the holidays, why not make your gift giving easier? Vincent’s Clubhouse & Scentsy would like to present you with a chance to support our nonprofit organization, and get your holiday shopping done early! 

With much more than good smells, and wax warmers, you can be sure to find something for all ages to enjoy, all while giving back to the community! 

So put on some comfy pajamas, grab some hot chocolate, and join us online using the link below. Yep, it’s that easy!  

Happy gift giving! And as always thank you for your continued love, and support. 💙 

Vincent’s Clubhouse fundraiser by Scentsy

Be Their Hero

A large part of what we do wouldn't be possible without heros like you. Your support and contributions will help Vincent's Clubhouse provide children with ASD, and sensory sensitivities,  a fun and educational atmosphere to be themselves. As well as helping us provide support, and resources to the families of Vincent's Clubhouse

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